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Drop in surf guiding

Explore the Morocco Surf Kingdom with a local who knows every spot. Available to Level 3 surfers (experienced surfers looking to progress to the next level) and Level 4 surfers (expert or pro surfers simply looking for a local surf buddy). If you want to be flexible and play your surfing day by day, this is for you. We provide guiding for guests who are staying elsewhere as well as for our villa guests. Your surf guide will take you to the best surf spot depending on the conditions as well as your ability and preference. Your guide will show you some of our favourite breaks and try to beat the crowds. Before jumping in our guide will brief you on entry and exit points as well as any hazards that are good to be aware of. Our surf guide will also come out in the water and surf with you. We recommend surf guiding only for experienced surfers who can easily catch their own waves and simply want to be taken to the best spots in the Taghazout area.

Taghazout Bay offers a great selection of waves, we have about 10 spots within a 15 minutes drive. Our surf guide will make sure you score the best possible waves for the day.

Full day guiding with basic epoxy board: €60

1/2 day guiding with basic epoxy board: €30

Full day guiding with premium handcrafted board: €80

1/2 day guiding with premium handcrafted board: €40
(Includes transport.)

Private or group guiding can be held in your choice of English, French, German and Moroccan Arabic. Please note guiding needs to be booked 48 hours in advance to ensure our surf guides enough time to allocate the best guide for your lesson. A special rate is applied if you book group, duo and multiple lessons.

Please note that Surf Guiding is not a lesson, it’s a guided surf. You won’t be given constructive feedback or surf coaching. To book surf guiding you are required to be a level 3 surfer. If the surf coach deem that you are not a level 3 surfer and you are not able to safely surf the surf break he or she may cancel the surf session without issuing any refund.

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