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The Calipso story

The Calipso surf story started way back 20+ years ago with a young Mohamed, a Moroccan surfer with a deep love of the ocean. Hours spent bodyboarding soon turned into days spent surfing. At that time there weren't many (if any) longboards in Morocco, so it was a game changer when Mohamed was gifted his first longboard by a friend from California. It was clear he was born for the single fin life, flowing smoothly on the peeling right handers of Morocco. He formed a unique flair, surfing with style and became known as Morocco's Soul Arch.


Mohamed began welcoming and uniting travelling surfers, bringing together like minded people sharing the joy of riding waves on the Moroccan coastline. Naturally he began to accommodate people, host them and take them to surf spots - together sharing a simple life by the sea, surfing waves and enjoying tasty Moroccan food. Over the years Mohamed has created and finessed the ideal setup for surfers and yogis to develop their skills in a chilled and humble villa, with close proximity to some of the best waves in and around Taghazout Bay.

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